4. son





  8. Laure Prouvost. Galerie IFF. Marseille


  9. Did you get a wee bit drunk do the old arm stretching yawn which culminated with your limb elegantly draped over her shoulder, and head tilted, half closed eyes,  seductively slurring something about you both being only human, then extending a leg to let her catch a glance of your long johns? Well if you had gone that route it wouldn’t just be that she knew of your affections, she’d be warming your scratcher now.


  10. Collecting insults

    after a haircut. sister: “oh, it’s nice this time”

    looking at a photograph of me. ex: “oh, we’re all getting old eh”

    fat man in a wheelchair in tesco, post me getting his waffles down from the freezer: “oh, sorry. i thought you were a fella, love”